PaMo1 Planetary Nebula

PaMo1 is a Planetary Nebula discovered in 2018 by Dana Patchick (USA) and Sankalp Mohan (India) who found it separately when searching in data from surveys like Spitzer, SDSS9, PANSTARRS, ALLWISE, etc. Since their discovery was within a certain time frame and Dana was kindful, Pascal Le Du (France) who maintains French PN Database, bestowed it PaMo 1.
The chart32 team was asked to make an confirmation image of that object, because at the beginning it was not completely clear that it is a Planetary nebula. So using narrow band filters brought out the typical structure of a PN with more intensive H-alpha in the center and OIII emission at its wings.

The measured size is about 7,6x3x6 arcsec.

PaMo1 is located in the constellation of Carina at:  11:49:43.704  -63:58:50.8

Image data:
H-alpha: 3x2400s
OIII: 3x2400s
RGB: 3x600s each for correct star colors

image processing: Volker Wendel

200% view of PaMo1:


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